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Nectarine  Cultivars

Information about nectarine tree varieties (cultivars ) including pollination groups, type of fruit and cropping season

NectarinesAll nectarine fruit trees are pollinated by insects, however, unlike many other types of fruit trees, most are self pollinating so choosing the right nectarine tree cultivar is a relatively easy task and the only major consideration is one of personal preference as to the flavour. The information below will  make it easy for you to choose suitable nectarine  tree(s).



Most nectarine  trees are self fertile, i.e. they pollinate themselves with no need for another tree however do make sure to confirm this with the nursery or outlet from where you are buying your tree.


 Below is a chart showing some popular nectarine cultivars available


Cultivar (Named Variety) Use Season Pollination group Fertility Colour
Nectarine - Humboldt Dessert Late August N/A Self Fertile Orange
Nectarine - Lord Napier Dessert Early August N/A Self Fertile White
Nectarine - Madame Blanchette Dessert August N/A Self Fertile White
Nectarine - Pineapple Dessert Early Sep N/A Self Fertile Yellow



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