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Pear Tree Cultivars

Information about Pear Tree Varieties (cultivars ) including pollination groups, type of fruit and cropping season

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PearsAll pear fruit trees are pollinated by insects,  however many pear trees need to be planted near to another apple tree of a different cultivar (variety) to ensure a good crop, so choosing the right pear tree cultivars is of the utmost importance to avoid  disappointment. The information below will  make it easy for you to  choose suitable pear tree(s).



Although there are a few cultivars available which are self fertile, i.e. they pollinate themselves with no need for another tree, unless you are absolutely sure of what you are buying, it’s best to err on the side of caution and buy two different cultivars of pear trees to ensure you get a reasonable crop of apples.  If you have lots of pear trees nearby in  neighbouring gardens or allotments, you may get away with buying just one tree so long as the distance isn’t too great.


Before you buy your trees,  consideration must  be given to the flowering time of the trees being purchased to guarantee the flowers from all trees blossom at around the same time so that insects can cross-pollinate.


Below is a chart showing some popular pear cultivars available which have been grouped in accordance to their flowering time. It is therefore important to choose trees which are either in the same group or from adjacent groups. For example, any tree from group C can be pollinated by any tree from group B or Group D


Self-Sterile = need another cultivar to produce a reasonable crop

Self-Fertile =  will produce a reasonable crop if planted singly

Part Self-Fertile =  produce a better crop if planted close to another cultivar

Early Season - Harvest July - Mid August

Mid Season   - Harvest  Late August - September

Late Season  - Harvest October - November

Cultivar (names Variety Use Crop Season Pollination group Fertility
    Beurre Alexandre Lucas Dessert Late B Self-sterile
    Bianchettone Dessert Early B Self-sterile
    Chalk Dessert Early B Self-sterile
    Green Pear of Yair Dessert Early B Self-sterile
    Madame Treyve Dessert Mid B Self-sterile
    Marechal de Cour Dessert Mid B Self-sterile
    Precoce de Trevoux Dessert Early B Self-sterile
    Sucree de Montlucon Dessert Late B Self-sterile
    Virgouleuse Dessert Late B Self-sterile
    Baronne de Melo Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Belle Guerandais Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Bergamotte d'Esperen Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Beurre Clairgeau Dual  Mid C Self-sterile
    Beurre d'Amanlis Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Beurre Diel Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Beurre Gris d'Hiver Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Beurre Six Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Black Worcester Culinary Late C Self-sterile
    Bonne de Beugny Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Conference Dessert Mid C Part self-fertile
    Doyenne Boussoch Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Doyenne d'Ete Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Duchesse d'Angouleme Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Duchesse de Bordeau Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Durondeau Dessert Mid C Part self-fertile
    Easter Beurre Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Emile d'Heyst Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Fair Maid Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Forelle Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Jargonelle Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Louise Bonne of Jersey Dessert Mid C Part self-fertile
    Marguerite de Marillat Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Mertin Sec Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Packham's Triumph Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Passe Crassane Dessert Late C Self-sterile
    Robin Dual  Early C Self-sterile
    Shinseki Asian Pear Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Shinsui Asian Pear Dessert Early C Self-sterile
    Twentieth Century Asian Pear Dessert Mid C Self-sterile
    Uvedale's St Germain Culinary Late C Self-sterile
    Vicar of Winkfield Culinary Late C Self-sterile
    Abbe Fetel Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Belle Julie Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Bergamotte d'Automne Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Beth Dessert Early D Self-sterile
    Beurre Dubuisson Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Beurre Hardy Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Beurre Hardy (Red) Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Beurre Rance Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Beurre Sterckman's Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Beurre Superfin Dual  Mid D Part self-fertile
    Bishop's Thumb Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Bon-Chretien d'Hiver Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Brandy Perry Mid D Self-sterile
    Bristol Cross Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Catillac Culinary Late D Self-sterile
    Chaumontel Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Citron des Carmes Dessert Early D Self-sterile
    Clapps Favourite Dual  Early D Self-sterile
    Comte de Lamy Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Doyenne Georges Boucher Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Dr Jules Guyot Dual  Early D Part self-fertile
    Fertility (Improved) Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Fondante d'Automne Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Foremost (Laxton's) Dessert Early D Self-sterile
    Gansel's Bergamot Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Glou Morceau Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Hacon's Incomparable Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Hellen's Early Perry Mid D Self-sterile
    Hessle Dual  Mid D Self-sterile
    Josephine de Malines Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Le Lectier Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Marie Louise Dessert Mid D Part self-fertile
    Merton Pride Dessert Early D Self-sterile
    Merton Star Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Messire Jean Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Moonglow Dual  Early D Self-sterile
    Moorcroft Perry Mid D Self-sterile
    Olivier de Serres Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Pitmaston Duchesse Dual  Mid D Self-sterile
    President Barabe Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Redbald Dual  Early D Self-sterile
    Roosevelt Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Seckel Dual  Mid D Self-sterile
    Sensation Dessert Early D Self-sterile
    Starkrimson Dual  Early D Self-sterile
    Swan's Egg Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Thompson's Dessert Mid D Self-sterile
    Thorn Perry Early D Self-sterile
    Triomphe de Vienne Dessert Early D Self-sterile
    Williams (Red) Dual  Early D Self-sterile
    Williams Bon Chretien Dual  Early D Part self-fertile
    Windsor Dessert Early D Self-sterile
    Winter Nelis Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Zephirin Gregoire Dessert Late D Self-sterile
    Beurre Bedford Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    Beurre Bosc Dual  Mid E Self-sterile
    Beurre d'Avalon Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    Beurre Mortillet Dessert Early E Self-sterile
    Blickling Dessert Late E Self-sterile
    Comice (Doyenne de) Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    Comice (Red) Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    Concorde Dessert Mid E Part self-fertile
    Doyenne Blanc Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    English Caillot Rosat Dessert Early E Self-sterile
    Eva Baltet Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    Gorham Dual  Early E Part self-fertile
    Invincible® delwinor Dual  Mid E Self-fertile
    Nouveau Poiteau Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    Onward Dessert Mid E Self-sterile
    Santa Claus Dessert Late E Self-sterile
    Double de Guerre Dessert Late F Self-sterile


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